Consumer unit is the heart of your Electrical System in your home.

It usually contains three things, and they are used to control and distribute electricity. They are: The main switch; Fuses and/or circuit breakers; and Residual Current Devices.

A) Main Switch – this allows you to turn off the electricity supply to your home.

B) Residual Current Devices (RCD) these are switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions, and instantly disconnect the electricity.

C) Circuit Breakers – these are automatic protection devices in the fusebox that switch off a circuit if they detect a fault. They are similar in size to fuses, but give more precise protection. When they ‘trip’, you can simply reset the switch.

We can install a modern High Integrity Consumer unit from as little as £280. A site visit will need to take place, to check that the earthing and bonding arrangements you have are up to the required standard.

For more information about bonding,select from the service menu.

Modern Consumer Units Provide Superior:

  1. Protection from electric shock
  2. Reduce the risk of electrical fire due to overloading circuits
  3. Circuit Overload
  4. Short Circuits
  5. Compliance to BS EN standards
  6. Highly Reliable
  7. Dependable power supply
  8. Aesthetically pleasing (sleek designs)